As November is coming to an end it is with enormous joy that I am writing this very first news update. Each month one of our team members will write a few words to keep you up to date and engaged with TEDxKonstanz. This month has been very busy for the team, and we are excited about all the things we have achieved so far.

Earlier this month the group of volunteers had an outing where we got to tour the venue where our event will be held next May. The Kulturzentrum am Münster is centrally located in Konstanz, right opposite, you guessed it, the Münster (German for Cathedral). This was a valuable trip as it gave everyone to see the space and start thinking about ideas for how to shape this into a personal and inspiring experience for our audience members.
Amongst other things, we met with Florian from TEDxZürich to learn from their experience. As this is the first in-person TEDxKonstanz event ever, getting some guidance from more experienced TEDx-organisers is tremendously helpful and we are ever so grateful to Florian for making the time.

Moreover, we met with the local chapter of CorrelAid Konstanz to discuss a potential cooperation. CorrelAid Konstanz is an organisation that, like TEDx, wants to inspire change in the world. Though we attempt to do this through conversations and sharing ideas, CorrelAid does it through data science.

Further progress has also been made regarding potential speakers and sponsors. We are honoured to have had such a positive response from the people we have invited to speak, and we can almost not wait to tell you more about who they are and the ideas they want to share. But for now, this will have to wait!

Our group of volunteers has also grown significantly, and we have now established a solid working group of engaged students, academics and working professionals. Finally, we are rounding off our introductions of each team member on our Instagram-account so check it out to get to know us better!

As an organiser, I am keen to make this a fun and meaningful experience for the volunteers as well as ensure that we create an inspiring and impactful event for the audience and speakers. Leave a comment below and stay tuned for more updates on what comes next!


Ingvil Østhassel
Co-Organiser, TEDxKonstanz

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