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Your TEDx team has returned from its well-deserved winter break. We are glad to be back in Konstanz and at work and finally reconvened for our first two organising meetings in 2022. May might seem infinitely far (see what I did there), but alas, it is approaching much quicker than it seems, and we have been busy progressing our planning on all fronts. It’s been an instructive experience so far – from the difficulties of acquiring sufficient funding, to trying to hunt down a red carpet to decorate the stage with, there’ve been many a learning, big and small.    

Our two lead organisers, Ingvil and Caterina have been doing a wonderful job at delegating our respective tasks. Writing funding applications, coordinating matters with our speakers, advertising for the event – there is lots to do and it’s cool to be part of such an active and keen team. I find it very valuable to see the many different facets of organising TEDx Konstanz first-hand. At the heart of things, it’s about gathering and sharing ideas worth spreading, and creating an illuminating experience for everybody, the speakers, the guests, and ourselves, too.   

Why does this matter? To me, one of the brilliant things about TED talks is their randomness, and I mean this in the most positive way. On the big video and audio platforms of this world, I often come across these talks on topics I might never have looked into myself. In the dilemma between persisting curiosity and a shrinking attention span, TED talks regularly manage to provide me with much needed food for thought – in a little brown, to-go bag, that I can snack on all through the day. The beauty of the concept is in giving experts a stage to share their research and their ideas with a broader public online, and thus reducing the barriers to accessibility that science can have at times, using modern every-day rhetoric and limiting the length to a maximum of 18 minutes.

The beauty of the TED concept to me is, lastly, its independence from popularity or prominence. Anyone from Bill Gates to a local business-owner can be invited to give a talk. With TEDx, it is the local organising team’s responsibility to come up with an interesting agenda for the event. Now, this would be the perfect build-up to announce our speakers, wouldn’t it? Well, it’s still not quite time for that. But we are very excited to dive deeper into the themes of our event on this blog during the upcoming weeks and months. 

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Dorothea / Event Managing 

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