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The world is far from perfect, but we shouldn’t forget that about 90% of all scientists that ever lived are alive today. Never before have we had so many people whose sole purpose of work is to better understand how the world works and work towards a better tomorrow for every individual on earth (and maybe space too). TEDxTalk is all about making their research, discovery and innovation available, tangible and understandable to everyone in the world. It is a stage free of envy, hatred and negative thoughts. It is a stage for knowledge, ideas and exchange, regardless of where each individual comes from, what their background is and what they are like. It is exactly this spirit that we bring to Constance, on a small stage in the “Wolkensteinsaal” for each and every one of you.

The year 2022 is shaping up to be remarkable year in science in technology. To list all the breakthroughs so far would probably go beyond the scope of this blog, but nevertheless I would like to single out the biggest ones. 

Researchers have succeeded for the first time in curing a woman of HIV through a new type of stem cell treatment. Also, a new new Guinness World Record for fastest-ever DNA sequencing technique could be achieved, using it to sequence a human genome in just 5 hours and 2 minutes. Due to a breakthrough in spinal cord implant paralysed people might be allowed to walk again. James Webb, the awe-inspiring $10 billion space telescope 25 years in the making, took its first images… a huge scientific milestone. Researchers in Sweden found a promising way to use solar power to convert carbon dioxide into fuel… using ultra-fast laser spectroscopy. A ground-breaking new technology regrew a frog’s lost leg… and it might work on humans too.

As my physics teacher used to say, “Science rocks”. And this science makes TEDx one of the greatest Events that exists in the world (in my opinion). If you are interested in more news about our kind of rock concert make sure to leave a comment and sign up for our newsletter – or just follow us on social media to be always up to date.


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