Dear Readers,

Just in case you haven’t noticed we are so close to holding our event on 06.05.2022 and we definitely don’t take it for granted!

We have thrilling times behind us and now we are facing again enormous social tasks in these crazy days. But no matter how crazy it is around you, the biggest key to moving forward as an individual or as a group is communication and this must be maintained.

So, what is our key that connects people from different locations and areas of knowledge? Sharing knowledge and being willing to learn new things and make those possible.

This funny team experienced so many new situations together and is now allowed to present wonderful speakers on 06.05.2022! This future eventful day will be a huge pleasure for us to share it with you and our core statement to share knowledge.

Look forward to a fun atmosphere and be hungry for new insights!

We are very much looking forward to seeing you soon!


Selma / Event Co-Manager 

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