Barbara Di Ventura

Institute of Biology II, University of Freiburg

Nationality: Even if I tried to hide it, you would immediately get it…I am just too Italian I’m afraid. I do have the German nationality too, though, eh eh.
Protein/molecules of interest: I used to love p53, then I started focusing my attention onto these fascinating pole-to-pole oscillating Min proteins, but, lately, there is NO doubt: my favorite molecule is LOV!
Most useful bioinformatics tool: I am stuck at BLAST.
Favourite place in the lab: I am secluded in my office most of the time, but I’d rather be at the benches were the exciting science is taking place!
When a experiment does not work, you…: Get totally mad!
Amounts of coffee per day: 2 in the morning, one espresso after lunch and this is it.
Songs to best describe lab life on a good day/on a bad day: Ok, this one is tough. I sing all the possible songs in my head all the time, but lately I became obsessed with Måneskin, so I’d say “Moriro’ da re” on a good day and “Torna a casa” on a bad day.

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Tom Hegen

Aerial photographer

Tom Hegen is a German photographer whose focus is on aerial photography projects  documenting the traces we leave on the earth’s surface. He provides an overview of places where we extract, refine and consume resources. Ultimately, he delivers insights into the complex relationship between human and their environment. Often choosing to document abstract perspectives, he reads landscapes based on their significance within the global human impact on planet earth.

He has held solo exhibitions and group shows worldwide, including Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, South Korea and China. His work received some of the most prestigious creative awards amongst the Red Dot Design Award, the International Photography Award, the Leica Oscar Barnack Award or the German Design Award.

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Mark Kugel

Chef commercial officer yuri GmbH

Mark studied Technology Management at the TU Munich and the Center for Digital Technology & Management (CDTM). Besides working several years at Airbus and Rolls-Royce as project manager and product owner, he founded and later sold the sharing economy startup useley. At yuri he is responsible for commercial business development, sales and all marketing channels. He loves crazy challenges and is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest marathon in a rocket costume (no kidding).

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María Alejandra Quirós Ramírez

Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz

MAQR is a Costa Rican scientist based in the South of Germany, where she researches and teaches about the use of computational methods and tools for psychological well-being, and the application of psychological knowledge in Human Machine Interaction. She specializes in the use of avatars, virtual humans, Virtual Reality, and mobile technologies.

Currently, she is an independent researcher at the Department of Computer and Information Science and an associate fellow at the Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz, where she closely collaborates with the Virtual Reality for Collective Behavior group. She is also a guest scientist at the Perceiving System Department, in the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen.

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Lutz Becks

Limnology Institute, University of Konstanz

Since 2018 Lutz Becks is a Full Professor of Limnology at the University of Konstanz.

He is interested in eco-evolutionary dynamics in complex systems and the evolution of sex in an ecological context.

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Buse Çetin

AI researcher and creative

R. Buse Çetin is an AI researcher, consultant and creative. Her work revolves around ethics, impact, and governance of AI systems. She advises a range of organisations on data ethics, intersectionality and AI’s social impact. Buse is the co-founder and research lead of AI research, advocacy and art platform Dreaming Beyond AI. She worked with AI policy think tank The Future Society as an AI policy researcher, and she is a member of the AI Commons. Buse is the editorial lead of Civic Data Library of Context project of Civic Software Foundation, works with IEEE SA’s AI-driven Innovation for Cities and People initiative.

Buse was in 100 Briliant Women in “AI Ethics 2020” list and #35under35 European Leaders by “Barcelona Centre for International Affairs”. Buse speaks Turkish, French, English and Arabic; and holds a master’s degree in International Public Management from Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA).

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Picture credits: Svétäl-Anand Chassol

Cristina Ruiz Agudo

Department of Chemistry, University of Konstanz

In June 2020, Cristina became a 5-year Zukunftstkolleg Research Fellow within the 14th call for applications. The Zukunftskolleg is an Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) that plays an essential role in the University of Konstanz’s institutional strategy promoting top-level research and providing independence to early career researchers. My project at the Zukunftstkolleg focuses on understanding the crystallization of alternative cement to common Portland cement, with the aim of developing competitive binder materials with a lower CO2 footprint. This fellowship allows her to work independently on several projects and topics, collaborating locally, nationally, and internationally with renowned scientist in her field.

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Organic Farm, Konstanz

We see ourselves as bridge builders and relationship weavers; on our farm people can participate, experience and understand why it is necessary to live in harmony with animals, the earth and plants.
We started two decades ago with three small children, four cows and farming as a hobby. Our wish was to have a sustainable project that we could design and live according to our criteria. We climbed into the much too big shoe and grew into it over the years. We have gained valuable experience in doing, learned from making mistakes and, in dealing with living beings, our awareness of how life works has grown.
We are constantly developing – personally, but also as a company. Constant change, transformation and development are the surest constants we have.

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